takumiTakumi’s U series of 5-axis machining centers are consistently designed to meet mold and die requirements as well as enable fast and precise machining of workpieces with high surface quality.

Clipboard01Boehlerit, Austrian development pioneer for cutting materials made from carbide, is creating a strong impulse for the aluminium sector. At the EMO in Hanover, the Kapfenberg-based company presented two additions to its existing aluminium programme in the form of the BWN10M and the BCN10M, both of which explore new avenues in terms of grades, systems and indexable insert design.

staubliSmart production in combination with HRC (Human-Robot Collaboration) and mobile robotics offers new scope for substituting rigid production concepts with intelligent, highly flexible processes. This enables manufacturers to manage production as it is forced to adapt to increased variation. In the future, users will be able to produce more economically, flexibly and efficiently than ever before.

studer1STUDER expands its product portfolio and introduces a new machine to the market - the favorit with a centre distance of 1600mm (63”).

3D FABRI GEAR 400 III mYamazaki Mazak’s 4kW laser processing machine tool is capable of cutting large structural materials, such as pipe or tube, up to a maximum length of 8,000mm.

obrBesides the International Trade Fair for Engineering Technologies FOR INDUSTRY, it will be possible to see also presentations of exhibitors from the field of logistics, storage and handling taking part in the FOR LOGISTIC Trade Fair, while FOR INFOSYS offers the continually developing sector of information systems for industrial applications.