obr1New ball nose milling cutter for far higher cost-effectiveness
Numerous automobile manufacturers and suppliers rely on ball nose milling cutters from MAPAL's CPMill product range for the production of hardened steel constant-velocity joints. For years these have been successfully used for roughing (soft milling) and fine machining (hard milling with PcBN) and have undergone permanent optimisation. A new, comprehensive further development of the milling cutter for roughing is now providing users with a significant boost in cost-effectiveness.


The analysis of going is conducted near realization of regional cluster policy. The role of separate worker in development of innovative processes and the infrastructure of regional industrial complex is recommended. The terms of the effective forming are described professional competence in a regional industrial cluster. The measure of degree of development of professional competences - innovative-educational potential is certain. Principles are formulated co-operations of subjects. There are associate principles: organizational and informative, related to essence of process co-operations; general theoretic and methodical principles of process of co-operation control are in a regional industrial complex.


MPS1 drills have been designed with the aim of giving double performance - use the very highest cutting parameters or obtain extra long tool life. This has been achieved by combining the best of proven existing features together with the very latest state of the art technology.

This paper presents the model of control and diagnostic of BLDC motors by free software complex "Modeling in technical devices". Analyzed defects and diagnostic parameters of BLDC motors. A mathematical model for diagnosing BLDC motors and its implementation in MatLab software product based on fuzzy logic are presented. Simulation results of BLDC motors are presented.

onhOerlikon Balzers, the technology leader in high-quality surface solutions, has opened a second coating center in Austria. By taking this step, the Coating Segment of the Oerlikon Group is creating the capacity it needs to meet the growing demand in Europe for innovative coating solutions for tools. "The large number of new technologies that we have recently introduced is also fueling our growth in the traditional tool market," says the Segment's CEO, Dr. Hans Brändle.



New product lineup includes an advanced digital multimeter, two clamp meters, NCV detector, moisture meter, and videoscope.



Building upon its 50-year history as the world leader in thermal imaging technology, FLIR Systems announces the launch of a new line of Test & Measurement (T&M) equipment. Exhibiting the same standard for innovation, quality, and reliability that our customers have come to expect from FLIR, these new T&M tools were engineered from the ground up to include world-class capabilities – advanced diagnostics, enhanced productivity, and increased connectivity – that address our customers’ realworld needs.