staubliSmart production in combination with HRC (Human-Robot Collaboration) and mobile robotics offers new scope for substituting rigid production concepts with intelligent, highly flexible processes. This enables manufacturers to manage production as it is forced to adapt to increased variation. In the future, users will be able to produce more economically, flexibly and efficiently than ever before.

It is, however, a prerequisite for the implementation of innovative production strategies that robot manufacturers respond in timely fashion to the demands of industry and resolutely pursue developments in the field of collaborative robots and mobile platforms. In recent years, Stäubli Robotics has been systematically working on the implementation of pioneering Industry 4.0-compatible solutions.

An outstanding example of Stäubli R&D in this area is the HelMo mobile robotic system, which enables companies from a variety of industries to realize a whole raft of applications – including HRC operations – more efficiently and economically than ever before. This mobile robot is already making a decisive contribution to the replacement of existing, relatively rigid production structures and to the facilitation of new ultra-flexible concepts.

Yet another plus point: HelMo is itself so versatile that, as a universal production assistant, it can perform a wide range of tasks under almost any environmental conditions. The only prerequisites for this are workstations that are adapted for HelMo use and that have the necessary calibration points for the self-adjusting system.

The mobile robot can take on an assortment of different tasks within a single shift. It independently approaches the individual workstations and, after a brief calibration, carries out its assigned task with an accuracy in the tenth-of-a-millimeter range. Able to perform all manner of duties – intralogistics, assembly, machine loading, cell linking, quality assurance – in an autonomous high-speed capacity or in a collaborative role alongside human employees, HelMo is a highly talented all-rounder. 

studer1STUDER expands its product portfolio and introduces a new machine to the market - the favorit with a centre distance of 1600mm (63”).

3D FABRI GEAR 400 III mYamazaki Mazak’s 4kW laser processing machine tool is capable of cutting large structural materials, such as pipe or tube, up to a maximum length of 8,000mm.

obrBesides the International Trade Fair for Engineering Technologies FOR INDUSTRY, it will be possible to see also presentations of exhibitors from the field of logistics, storage and handling taking part in the FOR LOGISTIC Trade Fair, while FOR INFOSYS offers the continually developing sector of information systems for industrial applications. The FOR SURFACE and FOR WELD Trade Fairs are held in two-year cycles, and just the year 2017 will offer an overview of welding machinery and technologies as well as surface finishing systems to the trade fair visitors. The trade fair for energy generation, distribution and effective energy use will offer, in addition to energies and electromobility, also the highly attractive topic known as SMART CITIES - all of this under the brand FOR ENERGO Smart.

obr1The machine tool manufacturer will be presenting six world premieres and innovative production solutions for Industry 4.0 at this year’s DMG MORI Open House at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten.

obr1The next edition of the ‘Intertool’, the Austrian manufacturing technology trade fair for metal processing industries, is scheduled to take place at Messe Wien on the 10th – 13th May 2016. The focus will be on tool machines and precision tools for the cutting and shaping of workpieces, and on facilities, techniques and systems along the processing chain. Last year (2014) the organiser, Reed Exhibitions, implemented a completely tailored relaunch for this fair for the related trades and industries; and enjoyed immense support and commitment from the industries themselves. During the press conference this morning (11th November 2015) Reed Exhibitions’ operative chief executive, Benedikt Binder-Krieglstein, confirmed that this support has already become evident for the 2016 edition: ‘We are currently well ahead of the registration level achieved this time last year for the ‘Intertool 2014’. At present, 110 businesses have officially registered to exhibit, another 60 have confirmed they will be coming. Mr. Binder-Krieglstein forecasts: ‘In the end we can expect around 240 exhibitors, including numerous key players.’