ENG1Master Remover and Recover – Atotech’s sustainable paint removal Technologies offer many cost, process and environmental advantages over alternative paint removal techniques. Master Remover efficiently removes E-coats, wet paints and powder coatings from multiple metal substrates. Recover is a highly effective stripping process designed for the removal of organic coatings from all materials in just one cycle while preserving the metallurgical and visual properties of the substrate.

ZSNOengProduction of tools and moulds in the company ZSNP, a. s., is provided by NARADEX plant, established in 2003 by concentration of tooling capacities of the company ZSNP, a. s. and by reorganization of ZSNP into a separate plant.

A car that is supposed to use a minimum of fuel must not weigh too much. Consequently, replacing heavy sheet steel parts with lightweights made of plastic is a guiding principle in the automotive industry. Today, a variety of plastics averaging 170 kilograms is packed into every car. And for good reason: plastics are light, versatile and don’t rust. They have become an integral part of a car‘s interior, tires and bumpers. Plastic body components also offer numerous advantages. They can be manufactured with much cheaper tools than their sheet-steel counterparts and molded into any conceivable shape.

Automobilový priemysel (Automotive)


The gear oil market is subject to tough competition. One of its aspects is the fact that international standards such as DIN 51517, CLP or AGMA 9005 as well as approval specifications of gear manufacturers such as Flender, Moventas or SEW require gear oil performance to be within a certain range. This makes comparison of products from different manufacturers easier. Highly in demand are products offering high performance for all lubricated components in a gearbox. High-quality raw materials must be chosen to ensure this high performance is retained over a long period of time. As more and more customers lack the required competences or resources for the selection of gear oils, consultation is becoming ever more important. Finally, oil performance should be backed by thorough testing so as to minimise the need for testing at the customer‘s premises. Klüber Lubrication company has taken all these requirements of modern power transmission engineering and combined them under the KlüberComp Lube Technology concept.

Tribológia (Tribology)



Main production division of ZSNP, a. s. in Žiar nad Hronom, division FINALCAST, is renowned Slovak foundry, with more than 40 years experience in the production of aluminum alloy castings. Among the advantages of this division belongs to the complexity of the customer service from acceptation of project through production of casting, up to mechanical machining to a condition that enables customer to immediate use in the casting assembly.