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4. 8. 2011
In this contribution is described a structural design and a solution of system attachment of supporting wheels for the given rotational platform in airplane parking in hall. In the contribution is also presented a structural modification of peripheral beams in the already realized airplane platforms with regard to their deformation.

3The current T-model in the E-Class from Mercedes has an especially large fuel filler flap, since it is intended to accommodate variable fueling options. This flap has recently been converted to the new Ultramid TOP 4000 from BASF, a mineral-filled semi-aromatic polyamide (PA 6/6T). The conductive engineering resin is an improved version of the Ultramid TOP 3000 introduced in 2007 and offers primarily greater stiffness and dimensional stability. Just like its predecessor, the new material is also suitable for online painting. This means: plastic components made from Ultramid TOP 4000 can, without additional effort or costs, withstand the various baths and painting operations to which the rest of the body is subjected. This material thus represents one more step towards the lightweight plastic automobile body thus enabling further reduction of fuel consumption and emissions.
2The chemical nickeling is not a very often-used method of surface treatment with regard to its industrial applications. This fact is given due to a higher consumption of energy (the working temperatures are between 86 and 92°C) as well as there are demanding requirements concerning purity and precision during the nickeling process.

ENG1Master Remover and Recover – Atotech’s sustainable paint removal Technologies offer many cost, process and environmental advantages over alternative paint removal techniques. Master Remover efficiently removes E-coats, wet paints and powder coatings from multiple metal substrates. Recover is a highly effective stripping process designed for the removal of organic coatings from all materials in just one cycle while preserving the metallurgical and visual properties of the substrate.