obrEMAPAL has achieved a breakthrough in the field of fine boring tools with insert that significantly increases the costeffectiveness of the tools.

obrKThe KOMET GROUP presents the KOMET  hi.aeQ high-performance facing arbor milling cutter for the first time at the EMO 2013. It is outstandingly suitable for reliably shoulder and face milling cast iron workpieces.

obr1Many of you know CERN as the place where scientists “play with black holes” and neutrinos are faster than light. This is not entirely the truth, scientists really play around (do science) but, rather than space phenomena, their tools are machines build from cutting edge technologies and of course work pace is at sub-light speed. Engineers, who develop machines like the LHC, must be precise, flexible and in the same time efficient. They have to rely on systems which can be stable and loss of data is very rare.

obr1This contribution presents the design of a new technical solution of the truck superstructures, trailers or semi-trailers, the so-called basic frame or removable transport frame resp. „Abroll“ [5], with function for additional installation of the containers, living containers, cisterns, platforms and so on by simple sliding to these superstructures. The removable transport frame is slide to components applied to bottom part of other superstructures.

Thanks to large expansion of computer appliance in all industry, there is a huge amount increase and variety of application software equipment. Basically it is a spontaneous process, witch very often gives out a corruption of basic ergonomic rules of an application production. There is several ways how to define ergonomic, because it is an interdisciplinary science discipline, using knowledge of many humanity, especially medicine and technical science.

Different skewing mechanisms are discussed. Their classification and application areas are given. The perspective directions of work aimed at the development of a new skewing mechanism are identified.