This paper presents the model of control and diagnostic of BLDC motors by free software complex "Modeling in technical devices". Analyzed defects and diagnostic parameters of BLDC motors. A mathematical model for diagnosing BLDC motors and its implementation in MatLab software product based on fuzzy logic are presented. Simulation results of BLDC motors are presented.

onhOerlikon Balzers, the technology leader in high-quality surface solutions, has opened a second coating center in Austria. By taking this step, the Coating Segment of the Oerlikon Group is creating the capacity it needs to meet the growing demand in Europe for innovative coating solutions for tools. "The large number of new technologies that we have recently introduced is also fueling our growth in the traditional tool market," says the Segment's CEO, Dr. Hans Brändle.



New product lineup includes an advanced digital multimeter, two clamp meters, NCV detector, moisture meter, and videoscope.



Building upon its 50-year history as the world leader in thermal imaging technology, FLIR Systems announces the launch of a new line of Test & Measurement (T&M) equipment. Exhibiting the same standard for innovation, quality, and reliability that our customers have come to expect from FLIR, these new T&M tools were engineered from the ground up to include world-class capabilities – advanced diagnostics, enhanced productivity, and increased connectivity – that address our customers’ realworld needs.

Cluster support in the EU is being subject of several professional papers at European Commission level. It mostly have the character of strategic plans of support policy formulation or professional working documents. The European Union also supports the exchange of information processing and technical analysis through support associations to develop clusters. The most important is the establishment of European Cluster Observatory (ECO) in the INNO initiative, which making the analysis of clusters in the EU and policy analysis to support clusters. In 2008, the European Commission established the European Cluster Policy Group, in order to promote the emergence of more global clusters in the EU, examine tools to remove obstacles to cluster cooperation, identify future challenges for cluster policies in response to globalization.

mclThe new FLIR Ex-Series of entry-level thermal imaging cameras far exceed the capability of other brands in many ways.  These are true thermal imaging cameras, not instruments that simply take spot temperature measurements or use blended techniques. And they are packed with a variety of features that have never before been seen in this class of camera.

The most important of these features is FLIR Systems’ patented MSX-technology that provides exceptional image quality in real time. This results in pin-sharp thermal images, quicker target orientation and clean reports. This technology was previously only available on models in the FLIR T-Series and above, but now it is also included on all of the four new cameras in the FLIR Ex-Series.

obrIThe iMX series is a revolutionary end mill system that combines the advantages of both solid carbide and indexable end mills. Huge performance advantages and savings can be gained especially when long overhang applications are required. The high cost of extra long solid carbide end mills is negated by using exchangeable heads.