Clipboard01Boehlerit, Austrian development pioneer for cutting materials made from carbide, is creating a strong impulse for the aluminium sector. At the EMO in Hanover, the Kapfenberg-based company presented two additions to its existing aluminium programme in the form of the BWN10M and the BCN10M, both of which explore new avenues in terms of grades, systems and indexable insert design.

The new cutting material solutions BWN10M and BCN10M are manufactured for the premium segment, leveraging the wealth of experience held by Boehlerit and fulfilling the most stringent quality requirements. They are intended as high-end solutions for the milling of aluminium, aluminium alloys and non-ferrous metals.

Three face milling systems (ETAtec 45P, THETAtec 45N and ISO 45P) and four edge milling systems (BETAtec 90P Feed, DELTAtec 90P Feed, ISO 90P and ZETAtec 90N), result in an extended tool portfolio whose base body may be fitted with uncoated (Si content < 6%) or coated (Si content > 6%) indexable insert solutions.

The uncoated BWN10M grade is ideal for the processing of non-ferrous metals, aluminium and aluminium alloys (Si content < 6%). Thanks to the specially designed, positive indexable insert geometry, this grade has particularly soft cutting properties. Furthermore, built-up material on the cutting edge is prevented through the use of premium grades with a high level of wear resistance, paired with highly precise manufacturing technologies with regard to the sharpness and design of the cutting edge as well as optimised chipping properties.

The coated BCN10M grade, on the other hand, is the perfect solution for machining aluminium material with an Si content of > 6% as well as other non-ferrous metals. Manufactured according to the "uncoated grade principle" and in combination with a razor thin PVD TiAIN layer, this grade is also ideal for finishing operations performed on steel, stainless steel and grey cast materials. 

The company

Boehlerit, a family business that is part of the Brucklacher group (Leitz, Bilz and Boehlerit) and headquartered in the Austrian town of Kapfenberg, sets global standards with carbides and tools for the processing of metal, wood, plastics and composites. With cutting materials, semi-finished products, precision tools and tool systems for milling, turning, drilling and forming, Boehlerit ensures process safety and efficiency on a global scale. The company's extensive product portfolio includes highly specialised tools for the machining of crankshafts as well as for the mining industry, for bar peeling, tube and sheet metal processing and heavy-duty machining. The Boehlerit product range also features carbides for construction components and wear protection. When it comes to coating technology, Boehlerit occupies a unique position worldwide, ranging from the first-ever nano-CVD bonding layer to the hardest diamond layer worldwide. With its many years' experience in metallurgy, coating technology and state-of-the-art press technology, Boehlerit is a highly competent development partner for toolmakers.

Text: Manuel Hofstadler
Foto: Boehlerit