0901d19680367714 Gas production on the sea at sunrise shutterstock 186689360The main task to reduce environmental pollution and increase the profitability of oil fields is to extract unstable and stable hydrocarbons from associated petroleum gas. In this case, it is possible to obtain a liquid fraction, which can be transported by mobile transport.


The main method is the utilization of associated petroleum gas (APG) by its separation into individual components. This processing process allows to obtain dry stripped gas and a wide fraction of light hydrocarbons (BFLH). In the future, this mixture can be used as raw material for petrochemical industries, as environmentally friendly fuel for heating, for use in the oil production processing chain directly at the fields.
However, APG utilization measures for oil companies lead to a rise in the cost of oil gas and the possible unprofitability of its processing.
The method of compression separation of associated petroleum gas proposed by the authors for producing NGL from associated gas was implemented in a mobile laboratory unit designed to determine energy costs and optimize the production of wide fractions of hydrocarbons from associated petroleum gas in oil fields with a low gas factor and low calorific value due to the large nitrogen content. The article describes the principle of its work - based on the compression of associated petroleum gas with subsequent cooling and separation into fractions: a wide fraction of volatile hydrocarbons and residual gas. The technical characteristics of a mobile laboratory unit, the results of experimental studies using a unit for producing BFLH from associated gas for several fields are presented, and the results are analyzed.


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